HSSC Clerk Answer Key 2024 Details Morning & Evening Shift

By | October 29, 2023

हरियाणा क्लर्क आंसर की (20 नवम्बर ) – HSSC Clerk Answer Key (Code A,B,C,D)

Haryana HSSC Clerk Answer Key

Candidates those appeared in Haryana Clerk paper can check their score using below given HSSC Clerk ……….. Answer Key. We have prepared HSSC Clerk Answer Key Exam. You will be able to calculate your score from below given HSSC Clerk Answer Key Exam. Candidates should keep in mind that our team will solve HSSC Clerk Question Paper as soon as possible.

We will update HSSC Clerk Answer Key for both shifts. You have to visit below section for HSSC Clerk Answer Key (Morning & Evening Shift) for ………… Paper. You may also Download HSSC Clerk (………..) Question Paper from here for practice purpose.

HSSC Clerk …………. Answer Key

Candidates are informed to wait for downloading HSSC Clerk ……………. Answer Key. Our team will take very less time in solving and then uploading HSSC Clerk Answer Key (…………….). There were two shifts of exam in HSSC Clerk ……… Exam. First of all we will update HSSC Clerk …….. Morning Shift Answer Key.

Candidates have to wait for some time in getting HSSC Clerk Answer Key Evening Shift. Candidates need not to bother about paper code. We will update HSSC Clerk Answer Key Code A, B, C, D. We will provide HSSC Clerk ……………. Question – Answers. For better prepare, you can check HSSC Clerk 13 November Question –Answers (Both Shifts) from here.

HSSC Clerk ……… Answer Key (Morning Shift)

Board conduct clerk written exam in two shifts. HSSC Clerk Answer Key for Morning Shift will be available in the evening. You will be able to download HSSC Clerk Answer Key (…………….) Morning Shift on the same day. You have to keep checking this Website for all updates on Haryana HSSC Clerk Exam 2024. We will also updated HSSC Clerk Cut-off Marks (Expected) here. You will have to check your marks and then prepare for next stage of Haryana HSSC Clerk Exam 2024.

Paper Date Morning Shift Evening Shift
Answer Key Answer Key
Answer Key Answer Key
Answer Key Answer Key
Answer Key Answer Key
Answer Key Answer Key
HSSC Clerk Question Paper- (Morning Shift) 
Download HSSC Clerk Answer Key- (Morning Session)

जरुरी सूचना

हरियाणा HSSC क्लर्क ……… पेपर और आंसर की ऊपर दी गयी टेबल से प्राप्त करे।
नीचे हमने ……… की आंसर की दी है।

HSSC Clerk Answer Key

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HSSC Clerk Answer Key (Evening Shift)

Candidates those appeared in 2nd shift of HSSC Clerk ……………. Exam will have to wait a little bit longer. We will arrange question paper of any code and then solve it. You will get HSSC Clerk Answer Key (…………….) Evening Shift on the next day at 8am. Till then you can write question in the comment box, we will provide the answer to you.

Download HSSC Clerk Answer Key (Evening Session) 

Haryana HSSC Clerk Answer Key (…………….) @hssc.nic.in

Candidates must keep some points in mind while downloading HSSC Clerk ……………. paper answers key. This answer key is prepared by our teachers only. It is not official HSSC Clerk Answer Key. There may be some question having doubtful answers in HSSC Clerk Answer Key (…………….).

We have given HSSC Clerk Cut-off marks based on the mail received by our readers. It may vary with next shifts of Haryana Clerk Exams. All candidates are requested to inform any such error in HSSC Clerk ……………. Answer Key to us. You can tell us in the comment box. Our Team will correct it as early as possible.

HSSC Clerk Answer Key …………….- HSSC Clerk Answer Key (Morning & Evening Shift).

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  1. Kuldeep singh

    Bhai kisi ke pas 20th nov.morning ka c code ka question paper h to please…
    Mere number par what’s app karna ya mail karna Bhai g please…9802721191
    [email protected]

  2. Kuldeep singh

    Bhai kisi ke pas 20th nov.morning ka c code ka question paper h to please…
    Mere number par what’s app karna

  3. rama gupta

    Dear sir 20 nov morning shift ki ans me sbhi ques k ans nhi h only 67 ques k ans h remaining ques k ans kese pta lgege

    1. kailash Bhardwaj

      Inke ans key m kafi question glat h
      official key aane do tab pta check karna

    2. Ajay Bhardwaj


      Haryana Clerk 20th Nov Morning Session Answer keys / Solved Paper

      Ques 1. Maritime Summit 14 to 16 April In India?

      Ans : Mumbai

      Ques 2 : Cropping Session in India? (Wrong one)

      Ans: C, The wheat crop is cultivated in north India during Kharif Season

      Ques 3 : Madhubani Painting

      Answer : Bihar

      Ques 4 : In which activity Aruna Asaf Ali was involved in Women organizer in underground Activity?

      Ans :

      Ques 5 : Maximum time to conduct elections in villages if a panchayat is dissolved ?

      Ans: 6 Months

      Ques 6: Complete the series :: 28, 25, 5, 21, 18, 5, 14, -, –

      Ans : 11, 5

      Ques 7 : CMM, EOO, GQQ, —–, KUU

      Ans : ISS

      Ques 8 : Which word does not belong to others : Branch, Dirt, Leaf, Root

      Ans : Dirt

      Ques 9: Sponge is to Porous, As rubber is to

      Ans : Elastic.

      Ques 10 : Five Children are sitting in a row. S is sitting next to P, but not T. K is sitting Next to R who is sitting on the extreme left and T is not sitting next to K. Who are sitting adjacent to S?

      Ans : K and P.

      Ques 11 : If selling Price is doubled, the profit triples. Find the profit percent.

      Ans :

      Ques 12 : In a Cricket team eleven, the average age of eleven players is 28 years. Out of these, the average ages of three groups of three players each are 25 years, 28 years and 30 years. The captain and te youngest player who is 11 year younger than the captain are not included in these groups. The age of the captain is?

      Ans : 34 Years

      Ques 13 : Reduce 368/575 to lowest

      Ans : 16/25

      Ques 14: Evaluate – power of 1/64 is -1/3

      Ans :

      Ques 15 : A cistern can be filled by a Tap in 4 hours while it emptied by another tap in 9 hours. If both the taps are opened simultaneously, then after how much time cistern will get filled.

      Ans : 7.2 Hours

      Ques 16 : Which amongst the following is largest endocrine gland in the Body?

      Ans Thyroid

      Ques 17 : Now-a-days yellow lamps are frequently used as street lights. Which of the following gases is used in the lamps ?

      Ans : Sodium

      Ques 18: A group ware is a?

      Ans : Software

      Ques 19 : The noble gas used for the treatment of cancer is ?

      Ans: Radon

      Ques 20 : PVC used for

      Ans : Plastic Pipes

      Ques 21 : Ancient city of Haryana known as Sarpadaman ( सर्पदमन ) ?

      Ans : Safidon

      Ques 22 : Liberty Shoes Production at

      Answer : Karnal

      Q. 23. Haryana city known as city of weavers ( जुलाहों का शहर )

      Ans – Panipat

      Q. 24. Nos of Members nominated in Rajya Sabha from Haryana ?

      Ans – 05

      Q. 25. चव्यन ऋषि की स्मृति में किस पहाड़ी पर मेला लगता है ?

      Ans – Dhosi Hills

      Q. 26. Name the king of Ballabhgarh martyred in independence war of 1857 ?

      Answer – Nahar Singh

      Q. 27. Which minister of Haryana launched Pashudhan Bima Yojana recently ?

      Ans – OP Dhankar

      HSSC Clerk 20th November Morning Answer key 2016

      Q. 28. Managing Director of HSIIDC –

      Ans :Sudhir Rajpal

      Q. 29. हरियाणा में राजा जनमेजय का सम्बन्ध किस शहर से –

      Ans : Safidon

      Q. 30. Ministry of Women and Child Development, Information, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs in Haryana –

      Ans- Kavita Jain

      Ques 31 :. How many administrative divisions are there in Haryana ?

      Ans – 4 Divisions

      Q. 32. First State Poet of Haryana ?

      Ans – Udaybhan Hans

      Ques 33: Boundary of Haryana District that does not touch any state ?

      Ans – Rohtak

      Ques 34 : Iron man of Haryana ?

      Ans – Bansi Lal

      Ques 35: Which district is formed of late ?

      Ans – Palwal

      Ques 36 : Birla Temple of Kurukshetra located –

      Ans – Brahma Sarovar

      Ques 37 : Which of the following is not the division of Haryana ?

      Ans – Karnal

      Ques 38. Who considered Guru Jambheshwar as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu ?

      Ans – Bishnois

      Qesu 39 . KMP stands for

      Ans : Kundli Manesar Palwal

      Ques 40 : Sakshi Malik DOB

      Ans : 3 Sep, 1992

      Ques 41 : Who guided Chandragupta Maurya to become the ruler of Magadh ?

      Ans – Kautilya

      Ques 42. Greek ambassador Megasthenes wrote a book –

      Ans – Indica

      Ques 43. Which river originates in the Mansarovar region ?

      Ans – The Brahmaputra

      Ques 44. Singhbhum and Hazaribagh of Bihar famous for the minerals –

      Ans: Coal

      Ques 45: First Indian State formed on the linguistic basis –

      Ans – Andhra Pradesh

      Ques 46 : Minimum age required for a person to become the Prime Minister of India ?

      Ans: 25

      Ques 47 : In Which 5 year plan had adopted “Removal of Poverty as its foremost objective?

      Ans : Sixth

      Ques 48: During whose rule was the rupee coin first minted in India ?

      Answer – Sher Shah Suri

      Ques 49 : Indian State which has given the most Nobel Prize Winners

      Answer – West Bengal

      Ques 50 :. Madhya Pradesh High Court located –

      Ans – Jabalpur

      Ques. 51. First Indian to win Oscar Award –

      Answer – Bhanu Athaiya

      Ques.52. First Indian Managing Director of the World Bank –

      Answer – Gautam Kaji

      Ques. 53. First General Election of India

      Ans – 1951-52

      Ques 54. Gandhi was assassinated on ?

      Ans- Jan 30, 1948

      Ques 55. United Nations Formed –

      Ans – 24th Oct 1945

      Ques 56. French Revolution Took place on

      Ans – 1789

      Ques 57. What do we call the imaginary lines parallel to the equator ?

      Ans – Longitudes

      Ques 58. Kangaroo is the national emblem of which country ?

      Ans – Australia

      Ques 59. India became the member of UN in ?

      Ans – 1945

      Ques 60. Who founded the Red Cross ?

      Ans – Henry Dunant

      Ques 61. Which organ does a fish use for respiration ?

      Ans – Gills

      Ques 62. Lenses used for shortsightedness

      Ans – Concave

      Ques 63 :First Indian to score century in Test Cricket ?

      Ans – Lala Amarnath

      Ques 64 : Who started the ancient Olympic Games –

      Answer – The Greeks

      Ques 65. Baku is the capital of –

      Ans – Azerbaijan

      Ques 66. Kargil Diwas –

      Ans- 26th July

      Ques 67 : 1st Underground Museum of India?

      Ans : Delhi

      Ques 68 : 70 Saal Azadi Yaad Karo Kurbani composed by –

      Ans : Dr Ghazal Sriniwas

      Ques 69: Pema Khandu sworn in as the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh on –

      Ans – 17th July 2016

      Ques 70 : Rio Olympics held in?

      Ans : Rio

      Quest 71 : If the first and second digits in the sequence 5 9 8 1 3 2 7 4 3 8 are interchanged, also the third and fourth digits, the fifth and sixth digits and so on, which digit would be the seventh counting to your left?

      Ans : 8

      Ques 72: Sitting in a row in front of a camera, Mr x is on the left of the person sitting in the center but is on the right of Mr Y. Mr P is on the right of Mr Z and Mr R is on the right of mr P. Mr R is the second person from the person sitting in the center. Who is the person sitting in the center?

      Ans : Z

      Ques 73: Choose the correct alternative. Poodle:Dog :: Moose:——

      Ans: Deer

      Ques 74 : in the four words, three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different. Choose out the odd one

      Akbar, Jahangir, Sha Jahan, Vikrmaditiya

      Ans : Vikrmaditiya

      Ques 75 : find the missing term – c4X, F9U, I16R?

      Ans : L25O

      Ques 76 : A milkman has 20 Litres of milk

      Ans : 25%

      Ques 77: One of the Buses

      Ans : 8:9

      Ques 78 :

      Ans :

      Ques 79 : Three times the first of the three consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. The third Integer is?

      Ans :

      Ques 80: Some of rational number and its reciprocal is 13/6. Find the Number.

      Ans : 3/2

      Ques 81 : Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of –

      Ans : Dynamite

      Ques 82: Banking of Curves on Roads or Railway tracks is done to provide?

      Ans: Centripetal Force

      Ques 83 : Diamond is the ———-form of Carbon?

      Ans : A Crystalline

      Ques 84 : Which gas Plants and Trees give out?

      Ans : Oxygen

      Ques 85 :Food digested in

      Ans: Small Intestines

      Ques 86 : Correctly Spelt world – octogenerarian , centenarian , prepreitor , amatuer

      Ans: centenarian

      Ques 87: Fill in the blanks : Suddenly she turned away—– the window and stood —-the glass

      Ans : from, Before

      Ques 88: It is the first time the painting has been displayed to the public.

      Ans : exhibited

      Ques 89: A conceited person is seldom liked. (Opposite)

      Ans : Humble

      Ques 90: A place where neither grass nor trees grow.

      Ans : barren

      Ques 91: ‘ जिसे पराजित न किया जा सके ‘

      Ans: अपराजेय

      Ques 92: ग्रहों के नाम सदैव होते हैं ?

      Ans : कोई नहीं

      Ques 93: आभूषण का पर्यायवाची नहीं है ?

      Ans : हार

      Ques 94 : हमारा जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार है ?

      Ans : स्वतंत्रता

      Ques 95 : पीताम्बर में समास

      Ans : बहुब्रिही

      Ques 96 : शरच्चंद्र का संधि विच्छेद

      Ans: शरत् + चन्द्र

      Ques 97 : सच्चरित्रता में उपसर्ग

      ans: सत्

      Ques 98: जो थोडा जानता हो

      Ans: अल्पज्ञ

      Ques 99: 1. चारू चन्द्र की चंचल किरणें खेल रही थी जल थल में 2 . मखमल के झूले पड़े हाथी सा टीला

      Ans: अनुप्रास , उपमा

      Ques 100 : कनक का अर्थ नहीं है ? सोना, धतूरा , कमल, गेहूँ

      ans : कमल

  4. Sandeep

    Meham fort is situated in which district of haryaa?, The tomb of Chalcis Hafiz is situated in which district of haryaa?


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