7 Myths about IAS Exam

Myths about IAS Exam

IAS or Indian Administrative Service is the Civil Services Exam in India which is conducted by Union Public service Commission or UPSC for the recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of India. Many dilemmas are faced by the aspirants of Civil Services. Due to the tremendous prestige of the examination, it has given rise to many half-baked truths about the examination. Here we are providing with some popular and interesting myths about the IAS Exam.

Popular Myths about IAS Exam

  1. Studying for 15 to 20 hours a day

One of the most popular myths about the IAS exam is that in order to clear the examination candidates need to study for at least 15 to 20 hours a day. Actually, it is not possible for any candidate to continuously concentrate for 15 to 20 hours. Candidates should not do mindless slogging and do focussed and smart studies.

  1. Selection of two optional subjects

It is still believed by many aspirants that there are 2 optional subjects for selection in the Mains Exams. This pattern changed in the year 2013 and now aspirants can select only one optional subject instead of two.

  1. Reading all the NCERT books for preliminary exam

It is very helpful for candidates to study from the NCERT books but that doesn’t mean that candidates need to go through every NCERT books for the prelims exam.

  1. Have to read many books to crack the exam

Candidates require a smart study from a smart study material and not just read hundreds of books. This will confuse the aspirants more and make them nervous for the exam. So they should read from good selective books whose language will be easier for them.

  1. The exam is almost impossible

IAS is an independent exam and it requires the approach of each candidate for achieving success. According to statistics every year around 900 candidates are cracking the exam and gets selected for various services. The exam is doable for any candidate with hard work.

  1. Non-English candidate has a disadvantage

Language is never a barrier for any exam but the lack of confidence and attitude is. There are arrangements for all candidates with vernacular languages. Every year many candidates non-English background crack the examination irrespective of their language.

  1. Age limit

As long as a candidate is eligible for IAS Exam he or she have chances of clearing the exam. Many candidates have cleared this examination in the last age of their eligibility. It’s never too late to crack the exam if the aspirant has willpower and a definite plan.

Common Myths about IAS Exam

Hope all the misconceptions and doubts about the IAS Exam have been cleared. Aspirants preparing for this exam must prepare hard and must have a strong will power with a proper study plan to crack the examination. The question paper of the exam is becoming tougher every year so candidates preparing for the examination should totally focus on their studies.

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