How to Prepare for IBPS SO for the Professional Knowledge section

Prepare for IBPS SO Exam

Institute of banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) organizes a Specialist Officer examination to recruit for various posts like IT Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law Officer, HR / Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer every year. Positions recruited through this examination are IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer (AFO), Law Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, HR/Personnel Officer, Marketing Officer, Chartered Accountants and Finance Executive for various public and private sector banks.One can most definitely apply for these several  posts if they fit the criteria for any of the posts. IBPS SO is a two step exam, which includes a written test and an interview. One needs to qualify the CWE to appear for the interviews for various banks participating, be it of public or private sector.

All topics of IBPS SO examination syllabus play an important role in the exam so it is importsnt for us to focus on each topic separately. The question paper of the IBPS Specialist Officer CWE consists of parts including Reasoning, English, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Qualitative Aptitude and Professional Knowledge. Each of the sections contains a total of 50 questions each.

IBPS SO Exam Pattern

While we talk about the different sections of the SO examination, we need to pay special heed to the Professional Knowledge because it is said to have the most weightage in the SO Exam of 200 marks. Out of the 22, 75 marks are secured for the Professional Knowledge section, so it needs to be taken seriously. Here we specifically tell you how to ace the Professional Knowledge section of the exam. This will include mostly those questions which are from that field which you have applied for. These fields include anything like IT, Law, Agriculture, Marketing or HR. That is why you must nourish your fundamental knowledge in these areas.

IBPS SO Professional Knowledge Section

The most asked topics in the Professional Knowledge section are Database Management System (DBMS), Networking, Computer hardware and software, Operating System, Web Technologies, Programming Languages (BASIC), Human Resource Development: Strategies and Systems, Training and Development, Recruitment & Selection, Rewards & Recognition, Industrial relations, etc.

You need to prepare well in this particular area more because this is to judge your niche in the particular area and how can you get along well in the proposed field. It is always better to do a revision of the past courses you have done to specialize in the field so that you clear your concepts and know them in more depth. You can also go through the previous year IBPS SO papers  to get a gist of the pattern of questions during the examination. This would give you a better understanding of the concepts you need to master and what you pay less attention to.

How to Prepare for IBPS SO for the Professional Knowledge section

You also need to keep in mind that IBPS SO examination has negative marking. Every wrong answer costs you a one-fourth or 0.25 of the score you have attained till now. Not answering a question is always on the safer side than doing some rash guesswork since that keeps you from at least reaching the negative side of the marking scale. So it is advisable to be sure before answering a particular question. To save time, one can always attempt those questions first that you are the most confident about. Now that we have learnt all the pointers in brief, let us go in a bit detail of the various topics of the most important section of the IBPS SO Examination.


As already affirmed above, Professional Knowledge is the most important section for everyone sitting for the SO examination. The three most important topics to prepare in this section are Operating System, Database Management System which is commonly known as DBMS and Networking. These three topics need to be mastered in order to mater this part of the exam.

Tips for Professional Knowledge section of IBPS SO Exam

Out of these three topics, DBMS is counted to be the most important one. Around 60-70% of the total number of questions in the Professional Knowledge section are usually to be asked from this single topic in the exam. It is highly recommended to attempt a large number of questions of database management systems from as many sources sources possible since it is going to fetch a lot of marks. Also, a lot of importance is to be given to this topic in your theory.

One more thing to be kept in mind is that in the Professional Knowledge section of IBPS SO, the type of most of the questions will be theoretical. That is what makes it even more important that you stay thorough with the theoretical matter. Also, if you are clear with your concepts, you will be able to answer in a more appropriate way to the questions asked in the exam. Too much of numerical questions are not asked so you can save your energy by not beating your head in the numerical type questions and instead concentrate on the theories. To qualify any examination is not a cake walk obviously, but your dedication and these tips can get you through the IBPS SO examination in a smooth and safe manner. If you wish to be updated regarding the banking exams, download gradeup app. It provides a free study materials, tests, notes, quizzes, & instant notification for various competitive exams.

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