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HSSC Patwari Study Material

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission is committed to carry out the HSSC Patwari / Canal Patwari Reruitment. This recruitment program takes place as per the standards as designed by the authority. All the aspirants have to clear the recruitment exams for the post of patwari. The aspirants also have to check the official HSSC Patwari Study Material to prepare for the recruitment programs. Here we will provide them with the latest official details of the Haryana Patwari Study Material. So they must check the article to get these details.

Haryana Canal Patwari Study Material

HSSC Patwari Study Material

The authority has announced the recruitment program for the post of the Canal Patwari. These recruitments will take place as per the official standards. The aspirants of the program must prepare for the recruitment sessions by using the Haryana Canal Patwari Study Material. They must have the official study material which reflects the recommendations of the official Haryana Canal Patwari Syllabus as given by the authority.

HSSC Canal Patwari Syllabus

As we all know that the recruitment exam for the post of Canal Patwari is of graduation level. Therefore the authority will ensure the exam must meet the required level. The authority has designed a syllabus for the recruitment exam. The syllabus details of the exam are given below.

The exam for the Patwari will have following parts

  1. General Awareness or General Knowledge.
  2. Mathematics or Arithmetic Ability.
  3. Computer.
  4. Hindi.
  5. English.
  6. Farming.
  7. Haryana GK.
  8. Animal Husbandry.
  9. Reasoning Aptitude.

Further details of the syllabus of these parts are given below.

HSSC Patwari English Syllabus

The syllabus details of the English language will help the aspirants to prepare for the exam in an easy way. Therefor they must check the details of the syllabus as given below.

  1. Antonyms.
  2. Synonyms.
  3. Fill in the blanks.
  4. Noun.
  5. Active & Passive Voice
  6. Comprehension Skills.
  7. Tenses.
  8. Narration.
  9. Active & Passive Voices.
  10. Vocab.
  11. Articles.
  12. One Word Substitution.

Haryana Patwari Hindi Syllabus

All the aspirants will also have to prepare for the Hindi Language exam. This will have a significant portion in the exam. Thus to ensure the selection at the post check the syllabus details which are as follows.

  1. समास
  2. विलोम शब्द
  3. पर्यायवाची शब्द
  4. अलंकार
  5. मुहावरे
  6. लोकोक्ति
  7. शुद्ध अशुद्ध शब्द
  8. संधि

Haryana Patwari Mathematics Syllabus

The mathematics portion can help the aspirants to get good marks in the exam. Thus the syllabus details as given below should be followed by the aspirants to prepare for the exams.

  1. Trigno.
  2. Algebra
  3. Proportions & Ratios.
  4. Percentages & Averages.
  5. Cube & Square Roots.
  6. Simple & Compound Interests.
  7. Profit & Loss.
  8. Speed, Distance & Time.
  9. Time & Work Relation.

HSSC Patwari General Knowledge Syllabus

The General Knowledge or General Awareness will also be the part of the recruitment exam. Therefore the syllabus details as given below must be followed by the aspirants.

  1. Indian Constitution.
  2. Politics.
  3. Economy.
  4. History.
  5. Geography.
  6. General Science.
  7. Current Affairs.
  8. Culture.

Haryana Patwari Reasoning Syllabus

The aspirants for the Patwari Recruitment exam must check the details of the Patwari recruitment syllabus as given below.

  1. Analogies.
  2. Alphabetical & Numerical Series.
  3. Blood Relations.
  4. Distance & Direction.
  5. Coding & Decoding.
  6. Verbal, Non-verbal Reasoning.

Haryana Patwari Syllabus (in Hindi)

हरियाणा पटवारी हिंदी सिलेबस

  • समास
  • विलोम शब्द
  • पर्यायवाची शब्द
  • अलंकार
  • मुहावरे
  • लोकोक्ति
  • शुद्ध अशुद्ध शब्द
  • संधि

हरियाणा पटवारी गणित पाठ्यक्रम

  • Trigonometry
  • बीजगणित
  • अनुपात और अनुपात।
  • प्रतिशत और व्यय
  • घन और वर्गमूल।
  • सरल और यौगिक रुचियां।
  • लाभ हानि।
  • गति, दूरी और समय।
  • समय और कार्य संबंध।

HSSC पटवारी सामान्य ज्ञान पाठ्यक्रम

  • भारतीय संविधान।
  • राजनीति।
  • अर्थव्यवस्था।
  • इतिहास।
  • भूगोल।
  • सामान्य विज्ञान।
  • सामयिकी।
  • संस्कृति।

हरियाणा पटवारी रीजनिंग सिलेबस

  • उपमा।
  • वर्णमाला और संख्यात्मक श्रृंखला।
  • रक्त संबंध।
  • दूरी और दिशा।
  • कोडिंग और डिकोडिंग।
  • मौखिक, गैर-मौखिक तर्क।

HSSC Patwari Exam Pattern

The authority will carry out the recruitment exam of the Canal Patwari according to the official HSSC Patwari Exam Pattern. The details of the official Haryana Patwari Exam Pattern are as follows.

The selection of the aspirants will be carried out on the basis of two important criteria. Those criteria are as follows.

  1. Written Exam (90 Marks).
  2. Socio-Economic Criteria (10 Marks).

Further details of the written exam are as follows.

  1. General Awareness, Reasoning, Math, Science, English & Hindi will contribute to design the 75% portion of the question paper.
  2. Whereas the 25% portion will be from the topics like history, current affairs, literature, civics, geography, culture of Haryana etc.

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