HSSC Clerk Answer Key – Morning/Evening Shift

By | August 21, 2019

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HSSC Clerk Answer Key ()

Today Haryana Staff Selection Commission successfully conducted 4th shift of HSSC Clerk Exam. Now you can also check your score in today’s paper by HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 Dec. We will solve all the section of written exam as soon as possible. Then we will upload HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 December on this page. You have to wait till 5pm to download HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Answer Key in PDF version. We will provide you HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 December exam in question answers form. Hence candidates from all the codes will be able to check their question and answers.

HSSC Clerk Answer Key

Today approximately 1.7 Lakhs candidates’ exam was scheduled at various examination centres across state. Actual number of candidates appeared in written examination is around 60% of it. We will prepare HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Answer Key for all these aspirants. You must check new update on or after 3pm. We will upload complete HSSC Clerk 4 December Answer Key on this page between 5 to 6pm. Method to download HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 Dec is explained in coming paragraphs.

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HSSC Clerk Answer Key [Morning Session]

Candidates do not need any specific code question paper to check their answers. We have given HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 Dec exam in such a way that candidates from any code can get his/her score.  You just have to check HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Morning & Evening Answer Key from this page.

It is given in format of question with their answers. You can check same question in your paper and hence know your marks in HSSC Clerk written test. HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 December Morning Session will be uploaded today before 6pm.

HSSC Clerk Question Answers-Morning Session

Q1- Find Odd…Beautiful:Preety:: खूबसूरत:सुन्दर

Q2- Choose odd….npRS

Q3- Complete series…12,32,72,152,312

Q 2- Choose the correct alternative. Ans : babbb

Q5- If the letter in PRABA…..96575368

Q6- Evaluate Under root 6084….78

Q7- Rs 782 is divided into….204

Q8- Ratio b/w age of Akhil & Deepak….15 Years

Q9- A does a work in 10 Days……6 Days

Q10- A person cross a 600 meter street ….7.2km/H

Q11- Metallurgical process in which depressant …Froth Floatation

Q12- Resistance of which metal is least…Silver

Q13- Blood vessels which carry blood from organ to heart…Vain

Q14- Which is not necessary for Photosynthesis…Oxygen

Q15- Device produce electric current…Generator

Q16- LUDICROUS Meaning …. Absurd

Q17- Opposite of CARNAL….Spiritual

Q18- choose the one word for phrase. An old unmarried woman… Spinster

Q19- Fill in the blank -The lives of great men inspires us with hopes of bright future.

Q20- Choose the correctly spelt word…..Mendacious

Q21- खोदा पहाड़ निकली चुहिया’ –परिश्रम को देखते हुए बहुत कम फल मिलना

Q22- कनक कनक ते सो गुनी मादकता अधिकाय – यमक अलंकार

Q23- शुद्ध शब्द का चयन करो….उज्जवल

Q24- क्या भूलूं क्या याद करूँ’ आत्मकथा के लेखक…. हरिवंशराय बच्चन

Q25- सूर्योदय में संधि विच्छेद ….सूर्य + उदय

Q26- उल्लेख’ का सही संधि विग्रह है…..उत् + लेख

Q27- किस समूह में सोने के पर्यायवाची शब्द …..कंचन, कनक, हाटक

Q28- वर्ग ‘अ’ में दिए गए अलंकारों के उदाहरणों ….Ans : C

Q29- ‘सुषुप्ति’ शब्द का विलोम रूप क्या होता है ?….निद्रा

Q30- समस्त पद और समास का सही मिलान कीजिये…..Ans : B

Q31- 2016 Scholastic Asian Book Award (SABA) WINNER….Aditi Krishna Kumar

Q32- Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets of Sidi Bashir Mosque…. Ahmedabad

Q33- The title ‘Punjab Kesari’ was conferred to…..Lala Lajpat Rai

Q34-  Which city of Gujarat has the highest population….Ahmedabad

Q35-How many members in Rajya Sabha can be appointed by President of India… 12

Q36- Which number sequence represents a correct sequence from small to big….Ans : C

Q37- Arrange the given words in alphabetical order …..Bitter

Q38- Five boys took part in a race. Raj finished ….. Gaurav

Q39- Choose the correct alternative. Accommodation: Rent: Journey: Fare

Q40- Find out the wrong term….5, 27, 61, 122, 213, 340, 509

Q41- A man buys oranges at 5 a dozen ….50

Q42- The average of 17 numbers is 10.9 and if the average….. 11.8

Q43- If 6m = 46656, what is the value of 6m -2= 1296

Q44- (10)^150 ÷ (10)^146……Ans : 10000

Q45- Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 hours and 6 hours …. 3 ,9/17

Q46- Who invented the Air-plane….Wright Brothers

Q47- Sound travels fastest through ___Steel

Q48- Which pollutant exhaust is hazardous to man…Carbon Monoxide

Q49- combination of chromosomes is present in males…XY

Q50- main component of bones and teeth….Calcium Phosphate

Q51- women literacy rate is highest in which district of Haryana…..Gurgaon

Q52- Adi Badri is associated with the Holy River….Saraswati

Q53- campaign was started by PM Shri Narendra Modi from Panipat….Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Q54- District of Haryana abundant in Mineral Resources….Mahendragarh

Q55- Which freedom fighter was the Editor of `kohinoor’…Balmukund Gupta

Q56- Tangri river of Haryana originates from….Morni Hills

Q57- The Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department …. 1 Lakh

Q58- Who was the ruler of Rewari at the time of Akbar…. Hemchandra

Q59- Which personality is from Mokhra Village of Rohtak….Sakshi Malik

Q60- National Dairy Production Research Institute is situated….Karnal

Q61- Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is situated in which district of Haryana….Gurgaon

Q62- Haryana Government minister Narbir Singh belongs to…Badshahpur

Q63- No. of districts in Haryana at the time of its formation….7

Q64- Who was the last Hindu ruler of the Delhi kingdom….HemChandra

Q65- Bir Bara Ban Wildlife Animal sanctuary is in the district of _Jind

Q66- The woman who climbed the Mount Everest twice, is __Santosh Yadav

Q67- Which one not correctly matched ….Capt Abhimanyu – Animal Husbandry

Q68- Thanesar was the capital of which king….Harshawardhan

Q69- Sportsperson Ram Mehar Singh is associated with….Kabaddi

Q70- How many members are nominated in Rajya Sabha from Haryana….5

Q71- Which metals was not known to Indus Valley Civilization….Iron

Q72- Where did Buddha deliver his first sermon….Sarnath

Q73- Which river flows between the Satpura and the Vincifiya mountains….Narmada

Q74- Where will you find the Bandipur National Park…..Karnataka

Q75- Who presides over a joint session of Parliament……Speaker

Q76- Arvind Panagariya is vice-chairman of ___Niti Ayog

Q77- When was the RBI established….1935

Q78- During which period did India observe ‘Plan Holiday’….1966-69

Q79-Till which year lion was the national animal of India….1972

Q80- Playing time of the full version of the National Anthem…..52 seconds

Q81- Which was the first Open University in India…..Andhra Pradesh Open Uni

Q82- city is the Lake Palace located….Udaipur

Q83- From whose rule was Goa liberated in 1961…Portuguese

Q84- Name the President who declared internal emergency following the Allahabad High Court’s Judgment regarding Indira Gandhi’s election…… Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Q85- What is the correct chronological order in which the following rulers ruled in India ?

Ans : B ) Iltutmish/ Allauddin Khilji/Shershah Suri/ Akbar

Q86- Which pairs is correctly matched …..Kalpakkam – Tamilnadu

Q87- What causes earthquakes….Tectonism

Q88- If the difference in time between two places is one hour, what is the difference between their meridians……Ans : 15º

Q89- Headquarters of the International Monetary Fund ….Geneva

Q90- What is the tenure of a judge of the International Court of Justice….9

Q91- Which vitamin is received by human body through sun bathing….Vitamin B

Q92- Which IS affected by rickets M the human body….Bones

Q93- The terms ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ came into limelight with __French revolution

Q94- Which day is Observed as Human Rights Day….Dec 10

Q95-Which metal is added to steel to make it stainless steel….Chromium

Ques 96 : Who has been sworn-in as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court …Iqbal Ahmed

Q97- In August 2016, who is appointed as Prime Minister of Tunisia….Youssef Chahed

Q98- Virginia Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the women’s 10 metre air-rifle event. She belongs to ____US

Q99- “Yaad Karo Kurbani” celebration was launched by PM Narendra Modi at _Ali Rajpur MP

Q100- Who was the Indian flag bearer in Rio Olympics-2016…..Abhinav Bindra

Download HSSC Clerk Question Paper –PDF file 

HSSC Clerk Answer Key [Evening Session]

Some candidates may find some doubtful question and answers in above given HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 December exam. For such candidates we would like to mention that this HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Answer Key is prepared by humans only. Nobody is perfect. We have mentioned this thing earlier also that we are providing HSSC Clerk Answer Key just for helping candidates in evaluating their performance. Candidates are advised to wait for HSSC Clerk Official Answer Key to know exact score. You will get HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Evening Answer key @10pm.

Download HSSC Clerk Answer Key [Evening Shift] Updated

HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 December Exam

From past one month we are providing you HSSC Clerk Answer Key on the same day of written test. Today also we have kept our promise and uploaded HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Answer Key on our website. You are advised to wait till HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 Dec exam loads completely on page. From there you can also download HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Morning & Evening Answer Key in PDF file. Candidates those not able to download it, write their name, phone number and Email ID in comment box. We will send you HSSC Clerk 4 December Answer Key in your mail box. Haryana staff selection commission will conduct paper at different-different dates. Now this date key not available on official web portal of Haryana staff selection commission. But you will find unofficial key of this exam. Thar create by us.

HSSC Clerk Answer Key 4 Dec Morning & Evening Shift– HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Answer Key – HSSC Clerk Answer Key  -HSSC Clerk 4 Dec Morning-Evening Answer Key.

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